Hypnoanalytically Enhanced Eating Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.)

We have found that many people become overweight when they begin to use food to satisfy an emotional need; to compensate for something they feel is missing in their lives. Some people overeat to compensate for an unpleasant experience. Others eat to reward themselves, or possibly for entertainment. Some want to be noticed, and many use a large body to offset a small ego. Food can be used to compensate for a lack of love, to offset fear, to overcome frustration, to deal with boredom, or sometimes even to avoid sex.

Often, the reasons they began overeating are anchored in their past; some emotional event that caused them to begin eating for security, self preservation or protection. The memory of the event remains sealed in the subconscious mind, even if they have consciously forgotten it. For these people, dieting alone will not be enough to lose the weight and keep it off. They often view the diet as a short term program; and look forward to achieving their weight goal so they can return to eating "normally". Once they meet their goal, they reward themselves with the huge meals or heavy deserts that they have been craving; and the weight quickly returns.

Dieting never eliminates the subconscious need for excess food. It's just a form of self-torture they go through, until they eventually give in to their subconscious desires. They may go up and down the scale continuously, never letting go of the desire for excess food.

A Medical Hypnoanalytic program, based on the principles of "Hypnoanalytically Enhanced Eating Awareness Training" (HEAT) will do more than just modify an individual's behavior. It address all issues which may be affecting their eating habits. The Medical Hypnoanalyst will ask: "When do you overeat? Where do you overeat?" and most importantly, "Why?" We will also help examine your self-esteem and self-confidence. We need to know if these areas require strengthening?

The HEAT sessions will help you to look back on your life, and locate the event (or events), which led to your current attitude toward food. This is the first step in eliminating the subconscious desire for excess food.

The second step will be to instill a new attitude toward eating, such as "I am satisfied with smaller amounts of healthy food". Hypnotic conditioning with cassette tapes are used to reinforce the new attitude. When used for 30 days, the attitude becomes a permanent part of the your outlook on life. New eating habits are formed, that will last a life time. The weight easily stays off; and the roller coaster ride is over.


Why be Fat?

Being substantially overweight is physically dangerous, placing strain on the heart and other organs. Overweight conditions also detract from appearance and attractiveness, and can adversely affect career advancement, social desirability, relationships and other factors pertaining to life enjoyment and progress.

The question, then, is Why Be Fat? In most cases it is really unnecessary. Many people overeat to compensate for something in life, which is undesirable; fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, home/family problems, job/career problems, losses or defeats, loneliness. HEAT can uncover and reveal the problem, resolve difficulties, change attitudes, reduce the need and desire for excessive food intake. As weight is lost, appearance improves, self-esteem advances, and confidence develops. Life becomes enjoyable. Personal progress returns.


Can H.E.A.T. Make you Thin?

Tired of carrying around those extra twenty pounds? Sick and tired of diets that don't work? Are you ready to shed that flab once and for all?
HEAT may be the answer for you.

But not if you're expecting miracles.
HEAT is not a magic bullet. It cannot make you stop craving potato chips or never feel hungry again. It can't make you exercise or make you like vegetables or make you do anything.


What, then, can HEAT do that "will power" can't?

Hypnosis, a state of deep relaxation and intense mental focus, can help you "re-program" old attitudes and beliefs about eating. While in the state of hypnosis your subconscious (inner) mind is more available to you, more open to receive suggestions that will then become a part of those messages in the "back of your mind" that nudge you toward new behaviors. Like a modern day Jimminy Cricket, hypnotically implanted messages urge you to "do the right thing" - to follow through with the changes that you decided to make in your life, simply by increasing awareness.

You eat only in response to your body's natural need for food as fuel" can help re-program bad eating habits. Repetition of such suggestions, especially if listened to regularly on a taped message, can boost your determination, because it works naturally without effort because you will be eating in agreement with yourself instead of fighting with yourself.

It takes a combination of eating awareness training, exercising regularly and psychological education (understanding why you have certain eating patterns and how to change them) in order to achieve permanent weight loss. Not only will you receive mental suggestions for awareness enhancement and lifestyle changes, we will explore with you any emotional connections to food and eating habits. Once you realize why you are eating when you are not hungry (If we all ate only when we were hungry there would be no need for any weight loss programs) you can begin to change that behavior.

A Medical Hypnoanalyst will work with positive programming, in part using your own natural success to spur you on and not rely on "aversion therapy," "positive" or "negative conditioning" to achieve results. Suggestions that stress positive changes (looking the way you want to look, feeling the way you want to feel) and that increase self-esteem can help you succeed not only in your weight loss, but in other areas of your life as well.

Mental imagery is another important part of Medical Hypnoanalysis. Using hypnosis for weight loss, after achieving a deep state of relaxation your Medical Hypnoanalyst might lead you through an imaginary journey where you might imagine yourself wearing a dress or suit you've grown out of. You might imagine the positive comments of your friends or co-workers. You would be encouraged to use all five senses in your imagery, seeing and feeling yourself grow thinner, stronger, more healthy and vital. Studies show that the more real your inner experience, the more likely the final results will match your mental "program."

"Via HEAT you can achieve long term success. While not magic, HEAT can provide powerful tools to help you fight the battle of the bulge, tools that just may make the difference between success and failure.


Results are typical but not guaranteed!